ADA Signs, Room ID and Nameplates

Brand your interior with custom made ADA signs or Room ID signs

Custom signs throughout your building can really establish your company brand within its doors. One of the best ways to do this is through custom branded room identification and ADA signs.

There are almost an endless variety of combinations with a large variety of materials and colors to choose from. This allows the freedom to create something unique for your company. Room IDs and ADA signs can be customized with company logos and colors to further emphasize your brand identity.

Make it easy navigate your location with a customized look

Signs serve a purpose. The purpose of room ID signs is to help your employees, clients, and customers find their way at your location. These signs often label areas like cubicles, offices, conference rooms, and board rooms. Signs like this are helpful for identifying what the rooms are used for and who occupies them. This type of sign is not required by any laws or regulations but is meant to help people find their way efficiently.

ADA Signs that complement your business decor

There are some differences between ADA signs and basic room ID signs and it’s important to understand how they are different. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is a civil rights law that prevents discrimination based on disabilities. This is vital information when it comes to creating a signage package for your business location. Among many other things, the laws passed in 1990 created a standard for interior signage regarding important locations like exits, stairways, elevators, and restrooms; while also making accessibility a requirement.

What does this mean for businesses? There is a standard for required signage to make your location ADA compliant. Typically this means high contrast signs with raised letters, symbols and braille text. These signs also have a standard for placement in regards to height and where they are in relation to the door they are labeling. It’s important to know that the sign’s can’t be installed just anywhere, proper placement is just as much of a requirement as the construction and content of the signs themselves.

One of the best ways for a company to emphasize their business brand inside their location is with custom signage. Using branded room ID and ADA signs is a great way to brand your interior while labeling areas and meeting local requirements.

As a business owner or property manager, it is imperative that you make your facilities easy for people of all abilities to navigate. This is not only good for business, but it is also required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Thankfully, G-Force Signs & Graphics is a preferred provider of ADA signs, room identification, and nameplates in Connecticut.

Here are some popular options that are available to you:

ADA Signs

With easy to read, high contrast, non-glare signs, we can make it easy for impaired visitors to your building to find where they need to go. We can even incorporate your company’s colors and fonts into your signage to build brand awareness.

Room ID

Any room that serves a permanent use, such as a bathroom or cafeteria, must have simple to understand identifying signage. This includes braille and tactile symbols and copy.


Nameplates are helpful for all of your venue’s users. They make it easier to find departments and specific employees. We are able to make these out of an array of materials.

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