Wall Graphics

Bring life to your company’s location with custom wall graphics.

One of the biggest artboards a company has within its walls are the walls themselves. Many businesses choose to utilize this space to further promote their company brand. You see wall graphics everywhere you look these days. Businesses use graphics to leverage the branding potential of their walls, for wayfinding purposes, and to inspire their workers. There are several reasons why wall graphics are an excellent choice for your organization, including their ability to transform your interiors as well as assist you in your marketing efforts

Wall graphics are an excellent way to be creative and introduce color, imagery, logos, or other design elements to your location that will emphasize your business brand. It’s a great way to make a visit to your location a memorable one, leaving your clients and customers with a lasting impression.

Create a Unique Atmosphere Using Wall Graphics

Your company branding doesn’t stop at the front door. The decor inside will help set the mood that your customers and employees will be spending their time in. Your company can seize this opportunity to impress your customers and will help your employees feel like they are an essential part of a successful business. Wall graphics can be something as simple as a logo on a wall, but can include many other elements like motivational statements, mascots, scenery, or lifestyle imagery that is in line with your brand identity.

Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Clients and Customers

Interior branding is an often overlooked aspect of branding. Businesses generally have restrictions on their building exterior for sizing, styles, colors, lighting options and materials used. These restrictions are typically from city or town regulations and/or the requirements that the building management has set for that location. In most cases there is much more freedom regarding interior signage and branding, as this becomes part of the decor. Interior wall graphics may not bring in customers like exterior signs can, but they can leave your customers with a memorable lasting impression.

Using wall graphics can be an essential part of your brand identity.

Wall graphics are commonly used in the following environments:

Medical Office Waiting Areas

Lighten the mood and put patients at ease with wall decals depicting serene images.


Use lively colors to showcase your mission statement and core values.


Complement your dishes with digitally-printed vinyl adhesive films featuring graphics highlighting the country of origin for your cuisine.

Meeting and Board Rooms

Whether you run a general contractor, architectural, accounting, legal, or financial services firm, we will create graphics that are appropriate for your industry.


Colorful graphics are the ideal way to display your bestselling items or to promote big sales.