Lobby Logo Signs

Using lobby logo signs is a great way to promote your brand identity within your location.

Lobby logo signs allow you to welcome in clients and boost your brand awareness in style. They serve as the focal point for your waiting room or reception area. Plus, you support your name recognition and branding when you combine your logo with your organization’s name.

The initial point of contact between a business and a potential client or employee is important. As a business, your goal is to make that contact as memorable as possible. Getting the appropriate signage for your business is an important decision and your office sign tells a story about your business.

Make a Lasting Impression With Your Company Logo

A quality lobby sign will be sure to impress your clients and customers. These signs make good use of spaces that would have otherwise been blank or bare and help with inviting customers while informing them of who you are.

With the right media and color choices a lobby sign will add a great deal of aesthetic appeal. This helps your company establish and support it’s brand identity.

Make Your Company Stand Out With Your Lobby Sign

If you’re looking to get to impress your clients and customers then a well-designed dimensional letter sign is what you’re looking for. This puts your business at the top of the game and makes you stand out. The letters can be made from many different kinds of material that you would like to represent your business. This makes for an attractive business sign and does not necessarily have to come at an extra cost. This choice for a lobby sign can be economical for the business. Get a high-quality business sign on a budget, that is durable and makes a lasting impression to help you stand out.

G-Force Signs & Graphics is one of the premier suppliers of logo lobby signs for Connecticut.

Picking the right displays and material combinations for your signage can go a long way in demonstrating your proficiency within an industry. Here are some ideas to consider:

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters, or sometimes called 3D Letters, are one of the most popular forms of lobby signs. There are nearly a countless number of substrate and finish options available for dimensional lettering, including acrylics, PVC, Formed Plastic, Polished and brushed metals, and  laminated metals on foam or acrylics. With dimensional letters you can choose to go with a metal finish or have them painted to match your company colors. There are nearly an endless number of options available.


Logo panels featuring your business’s name can be made of acrylic, sign foam, PVC, or metal. We are able to produce panels in standard geometric shapes, or we can custom route them to match the shape of your logo. Panels often use vinyl lettering, dimensional lettering, or layers of various panel types like clear acrylic and brushed aluminum to create unique looks. The most common methods of installation are a French cleat, where there is no visible hardware, or stand-offs where the hardware is hidden inside a barrel and cap system.

Vinyl Graphics

Create an innovative, avant-garde, and playful look by installing vinyl spot graphics showing off your logo and name combination. This type of sign is cost effective  as it does not contain any substrates. Vinyl graphics can be as simple as a logo or an elaborate mural. They can also be used in combination with panels or dimensional letters.