Channel Letter Signs

You have most likely seen channel letter signs as you’ve driven the streets of commercial areas at night. Enterprises are using these markers to identify themselves in increasing numbers. Essentially, these signs are made of aluminum “can” frames, acrylic faces, and an LED illumination source. G-Force Signs & Graphics offers the following solutions for Connecticut:

  • Front Lit Channel Letters – These signs have light emitted by LEDs only through the translucent face of the letters. Durable aluminum is used in the construction of the rest of the letter.
  • Back Lit Channel Letters – To create a halo effect on the building they are mounted to, these signs have a translucent substrate in the back through which the LEDs shine. Durable aluminum is used in the construction of the rest of the letter. Also referred to as reverse lit or halo-lit channel letters.
  • Open Face Channel Letters – Though the name suggests otherwise, these markers do not actually have open faces. Instead, each letter has a clear acrylic face through which you can see the illumination source. After dark, this creates a distinguished appearance.

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