Channel Letter Signs

Your business will make a statement with the use of Channel Letter signs

One of the ways your company can boost its brand identity and customer reach is through the use of quality signs. A superior sign option that is both unique and effective is Channel Letter signage. With Channel Letter signs, you get to achieve three main advantages: brand image enhancement, customer attraction and the relay of information. 

Channel Letters in Avon CTYou have most likely seen channel letter signs as you’ve driven the streets of commercial areas at night. Many companies are using these types of signs to identify themselves in increasing numbers. Essentially, these signs are made of aluminum “can” frames, acrylic faces, and an LED illumination source.

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your location

Channel letter signs offer many features that increase the visibility of your brand at your location. Individual three-dimensional letters make a huge statement for your company.  These quality signs are sure to impress you clients and customers. This type of sign is meant to be seen from a distance, so they are generally larger in nature. 

Channel letter signs also offer a high contrast option for your name and logo. The signs are designed as individual dimensional letters. This allows for all the benefits of standard dimensional letters, with the major difference that channel letters incorporate lighting options.

Lighting Options Add Contrast and Increase Visibility

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your sign at night is with lighting. The internal illumination of individual letters naturally creates a high contrast look that will increase the impact your sign makes at night. Channel letters can either be illuminated internally using translucent sign faces or they can be back lit where the letters contain rear facing LEDs to light the wall or panel behind the letters.

These signs are designed as individual letters and pieces either mounted directly to your building or on a fabricated box designed to carry the power supplies and electrical connections called a raceway. The specific mounting system is determined by your location.

Channel Letters are a great signage option to add visibility to your company, make a statement for your brand identity, and make your business stand out. 

 G-Force Signs & Graphics offers the following solutions for Connecticut:

Front Lit Channel Letters

These signs have light emitted by LEDs only through the translucent face of the letters. Durable aluminum is used in the construction of the rest of the letter.

Back Lit Channel Letters

To create a halo effect on the building they are mounted to, these signs have a translucent substrate in the back through which the LEDs shine. Durable aluminum is used in the construction of the rest of the letter. Also referred to as reverse lit or halo-lit channel letters.

Open Face Channel Letters

Though the name suggests otherwise, these markers do not actually have open faces. Instead, each letter has a clear acrylic face through which you can see the illumination source. After dark, this creates a distinguished appearance.

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