Window Graphics and Wraps

Prominently display your company brand with Window Wraps or Window Graphics.

Any marketing campaign can benefit from window graphics and wraps. This is because they transform your retail space, professional office, or storefront into a one-of-a-kind display that clients will immediately recognize.

There are many window graphic and wrap solutions for your enterprise, which includes: perforated window vinyl, frosted window films, print media and various cut colors or specialty media. Designs can also incorporate multiple media options to create a unique customized look.

Use Window Graphics to Customize Your Storefront

Window graphics can be used to add style to your location. This can add to the look and feel of your existing business brand. If planned properly, your windows can make a statement without losing visibility. Incorporating text and design elements will create a distinctive appearance that will be sure to get attention from potential clients that are passing by. If your company really wants to establish a high class look then premium materials can be used. Some of these can include real gold and silver which is something that can’t be imitated by other production methods.

Make a Statement With Window Wraps

Full or partial coverage options offer other added benefits for your window graphics. These will allow for maximum exposure at your location by covering a larger portion of the window. Typically these are done with print media, so full color imagery is an option for this type of sign. This type of sign can include photos, designs, text and logos so that your company message can be expressed and seen from a distance.

There are two types of print vinyls that can be used for window coverage. The first type will block out visibility of the window but can be contour cut to follow letters and shapes if necessary. The second type is called perforated film. This type of film uses small holes in the vinyl to allow for visibility through the vinyl. This can be a great option if you’re looking for maximum visibility while still allowing for visibility from the inside.

As with most signage choices, the different options for window graphics have benefits and drawbacks for window applications so it’s best to discuss what the goals and expectations are in advance.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your storefront then utilizing the window space is a great option and an emphasis on your company brand.

Connecticut businesses often contact us for custom window graphics and wraps for the following uses:

  • Decorating with seasonal graphics for Memorial Day, Christmas, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, and more
  • Listing products and services
  • Displaying hours of operation
  • Announcing sponsorship of a nonprofit
  • Using window lettering to announce discount days or sales
  • Announcing your appreciations for donors or your community
  • Displaying contracting licenses
  • Showcasing the slogan or motto for your company
  • Using colorful images to highlight goods and services
  • And the list goes on!