Wall Murals

Your walls are a canvas for promoting your business.

Take a moment to look at the walls of the businesses you like to frequent. You will likely find that a good proportion of them have images on their walls that go well with the services they offer. For instance, a spa or salon may have a whole wall devoted to a waterfall scene. Whether you realized it or not, these companies were boosting their branding and improving their overall ambiance with wall murals. G-Force Signs & Graphics is here to help you harness the power of these branding tools.

Create a Lasting Impression with Wall Murals

Utilizing wall space for a mural is a marketing strategy that many companies utilize. Logos, design elements, and imagery can all be used to create stunning graphics to display on your walls. This space can be used as part of your marketing strategy or can display lifestyle images that coincide with your brand. For example: a travel agency could display images from popular tourist destinations around the world, or a sporting venue would display images of athletes in action.

The options for wall murals are virtually limitless and can be customized to fit the needs of the business they will be displayed in.

Wall murals can be used just about anywhere in your facility. Here are some favorite spots:

Lobbies, Reception Areas, and Waiting Rooms

Wall murals can be used to showcase your brand in your reception areas through the use of logos, colors, designs, and lifestyle imagery. Many companies use wall murals to showcase products, achievements, or historic events for their company. This is a great way to express what your company brand has to offer.

Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, and Board Rooms

Wall murals in conference rooms are often used as discussion points. For this reason wall murals in these areas are often selected with the intention to use them as a topic or tool for meetings. Commonly showcasing information like company timelines, key products, or photos historically significant to the company, wall murals are one of the best ways to creatively promote your brand.

Cafeterias and Other Common Areas

Wall murals in cafeterias and common areas will help your company present your brand to your employees. They can be used to display motivational imagery and messages related to your company brand. These can showcase past achievements, core values, and future goals. Using wall murals to customize your workspace is a great way to increase company morale and increase productivity.