Monument Signs

The Best Free-Standing Signs to Maximize Visual Impact at Your Location.

Signs serve a purpose. The purpose for most exterior signs is to brand your location. Branding your location will attract customers and help them find your business. This can be done with many different types of signs, but if you want to make a big statement and leave your clients and customers with a lasting impression you will need a sign that is up to the task. A high quality Monument Sign is capable of fulfilling all of these requirements.

Monument signs are a big step up from other types of stand-alone signs like post and panel signs but retain many similarities with them. Like post and panel signs, monument signs are free standing, can come in various sizes and finishes, and have different illumination options. Also both can be used to brand your location. The differences come with the aesthetics of the signs. Monument signs are generally larger than post and panel signs, and often have the supporting structure of the sign hidden within panels or other finished pieces. There are a large number of finishing options like painted aluminum panels, faux stone or brick, stucco, and other textured finishes. Monument signs can also incorporate elements from the building decor to create a uniform branded look.


Monument Signs Fabricated Specifically for Your Location

Monument signs can be used to brand many types of locations. They can mark the entrance for a single tenant building, or they can be used at the entrance of a shopping center and incorporate spaces for many tenants at that location. Monument signs provide the flexibility in design and material choices to allow them to work at virtually any location. Like any exterior signs, monument signs still need to follow local sign regulations regarding size, construction, and lighting options. However, there are often some freedoms in regards to the aesthetics of the sign. This often means that signs can be fabricated using elements to make the sign more visually pleasing without penalty to the overall square footage of the sign as long as the area that contains the actual sign panels fits within the zoning regulations.

As with any exterior signs, illuminated signs are necessary for maximum impact at night. Monument signs can incorporate virtually any lighting option depending on the design of the sign. Commonly used options include: internally illuminated lightboxes, internally illuminated or backlit channel letters, and exterior accent lighting. The actual options chosen can depend on preference and what is allowed by local regulations.

If you want to make a huge visual impact and leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers then a high-quality monument sign is right for you.

Every building can benefit from monument signs whether you want to showcase the name of your facility, you operate a standalone business, or you want to highlight the names of your tenants. G-Force Signs & Graphics has a broad array of monument sign solutions to help your venue stand out. Check out these alternatives:

Reader/Message Boards

You need an LED message board if you have information that you want to get out to the public that changes on a daily basis. If you are looking for a classic appearance, backlit reader boards with manually inserted letters and numbers are the way to go.

Sandblasted Signs

If you are in a historic district or just want to project a warm, traditional appearance, sandblasted signs will get the job done.

Routed Panels

Routed panels are one of the most versatile monument sign options. We can create any size or shape you want.

Metal, Concrete, and Sign Foam

You get one of the best monument signs when you combine an aluminum composite panel with acrylic or sign foam logos and letters and install it with a concrete base.