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Signs are not a “one size fits all” type of product. Different clients have different needs for signage. We find it important to listen to the needs of our clients and discuss what the best signage options are for their business. That is why we at G-Force Signs & Graphics will take extra steps to understand what the purpose of the project is to ensure that the final product will do its job properly.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Regan Total Construction to create a full wrap for their enclosed equipment trailer that is used at their job sites.

About Regan Total Construction

Regan Total Construction is a premier construction company focused on outdoor decking systems. They primarily use composite materials from the Trex brand to leave their clients with a long lasting product that won’t crack or rot. Additionally the product is made from 95% recycled materials making the decks that Regan Total Construction installs a very environmentally friendly low-maintenance decking option that will look amazing for years.

Creating a Full Trailer Wrap for Mobile Advertising

While discussing the sign project with Regan Total Construction they understood that the enclosed trailer was essentially a mobile billboard. Since their trailer is used at their job sites to carry equipment and materials it made sense to utilize the empty space on the trailer to promote their company rather than simple yard signs. The larger sign makes a huge statement and will be utilized at every job site that it travels to.

Making the Concept Come To Life

To start the project Regan Total Construction provided us with high quality imagery from Trex to showcase the decking products. They also included the necessary logos for the project. These assets are essential for ensuring that their brand is portrayed appropriately.

Regan Total Construction wanted to include their logo, the Trex Logo, and the vital contact information but didn’t want it to distract from the high quality imagery being used as the focal point for the wrap. For this reason the logos and contact information were set up off-center to leave the image behind without major obstructions allowing the imagery to make a statement itself.

One of the reasons Regan Total Construction wanted to utilize their enclosed trailer was to maximize the impact of the Imagery they wanted to include. This would not have been possible with simple yard signs due to their much smaller size. The end result of this project is a high quality product that will give them a great return on investment while making the biggest possible statement wherever it goes.

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