How to make an effective Post and Panel or Monument Sign

Businesses will often use free standing signs as part of their signage package. This is typically done using a Post and Panel or Monument sign at the entrance of the property. While these two signage options have some differences, they are very similar in their purpose and placement.

Using elements consistent with your business brand like logos, colors, and other design assets will help your company emphasize it’s brand identity. Free standing signs can be customized using different materials, lighting options, and finishes. With the seemingly endless number of options, it’s a good idea to discuss options with your signage partner to determine the best possible solution for your company.

Branding Your Location with Free Standing Signs

We would like to take a look at the different types of free standing signage options as well as how they can work for your company to better your business brand.

The main purpose of Post and Panel signs or Monument Signs is to brand your location. This is accomplished by creating signage that is consistent with your business brand as well as proper placement of the sign on the property to allow your sign to make the biggest impact.

One of the biggest similarities between the free standing signage options is placement. This type of sign is typically placed near the entrance of the property or at another location where it will be visible from the street and identify the brand on the property. This type of sign should be highly visible so that your location can be quickly and easily identified by those traveling by.

Their purpose may be the same; however, there are some differences between Monument Signs and Post and Panel signs. The differences can be broken down into two categories: appearance and construction. The post and panel sign, in its simplest form, is a panel mounted between two posts. Monument signs on the other hand are generally more complicated in their appearance and construction. They often incorporate finishes like stone, brick, wood, or metal. In the case of any of these options, the materials can often be faux finishes that will have the appearance of something like wood but will last much longer. These aesthetically pleasing additions can aid in the brand image your company is trying to accomplish.

For Best Results: Do Not Include Unnecessary Information

Making the most effective sign is not always about what is included. What is not included is also just as important. To state it simply: too much information is a bad idea. This can result in a distracting design that does not represent your brand well. In most cases the only information that should be included is the company’s name and/or logo with the only exception being the identifying address information. It is not uncommon for people to see empty space on their sign and try to fill it with information that will only distract from the message and brand image.

Sign and Marketing Experience that Matters

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