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Trailer wraps are a tremendous way to advertise your brand. They instantly catch the audiences’ attention and spike their interest. Unlike smaller vehicles, trailers provide large surfaces on their sides and resemble large billboards that you see outside. In fact, as moving billboards, they happen to be more effective than small signs or normal billboards.

G-Force Signs & Graphics provides trailer wraps with vivid full-color graphics, big bold images, and everything else it takes to captivate the attention of passersby as the trailer is driven around the city. We have a large portfolio of clients, which also includes our happy customer— the Wicked Good Pizza Company. You may have seen its trucks with trailer wraps on the road, and we can proudly say that we helped them out.

About Wicked Good Pizza Company

Wicked Good Pizza Company is an amazing company that will fulfill your appetite for all your events. Besides pizza, it offers various other categories of food, including Incredible Wings, pasta, salad, and more.

Trailers Wraps for Wicked Good Pizza Company

The trailer wraps project for Wicked Good Pizza Company was an incredible experience for G-Force Signs & Graphics. What impressed them was our highly personalized service. Instead of jumping into the design process, we took the time to understand the services offered by the brand as well as what it stands out for. Based on its needs, we came up with various different trailer wrap options including basic vinyl graphics, intermediate graphics, advanced trailer wraps, and full trailer wraps.

Basic vinyl graphics are generally used to depict only the name of the company, its logo, website, contact information, and some other relevant information. Intermediate graphics cover the sides and the back of the trailer. The vinyl text, logos, and pictures, in this case, cover around 25% to 50% of the space on the trailer.

Like we mentioned, we also offered them advanced trailer wraps that cover around 35% to 70% of the space. Finally, full trailer wraps are the full-fledged covering of both the trailer sides and the back.

Since Wicked Good Pizza company was well aware of our reputation, it wanted to make the most of our expertise and thus opted for the fourth option, that is, full trailer wraps. We thought this was a wise decision based on their needs.

Overall, working for Wicked Good Pizza was a splendid experience. We loved that we were able to meet their expectations and could help them expand their marketing efforts.

If you’re looking to boost your brand reach by installing trailer wraps on your vehicles, get in touch with G-Force Signs & Graphics.

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