Mobile Menus: Vehicle Lettering for the Food Industry

Vehicle lettering can do a lot to advertise your business. If you own company vehicles, you can put your name on them and your logo and make use of your time on the road to get your name out there. Certain businesses will seriously benefit from using that space on their vehicles. For example, restaurants, food trucks and caterers can add a lot to their business by turning their vehicles into mobile menus with vehicle lettering by G-Force Signs & Graphics.

Vehicle Lettering by G-Force Signs and Graphics

Caterers and Restaurants

If you’re a caterer or you own a restaurant and you want to start driving business to your doors, add a menu to your vehicles. For restaurants, particularly if you deliver, you can get the attention of anyone you pass on the way to your destination. Even if you don’t deliver, having a van for possible events you might be a part of will help build your brand on the roads, but can also advertise at your brick-and-mortar while parked in your parking lot.

For caterers, while you’re driving to the event you’re about to cater, there’s that chance that someone might be looking for catering for an event. Advertise your signature dish or something that other people in the business aren’t providing. You’ll get more leads and it sets you apart from your competition. When people have a chance to see your menu and the items you specialize in they’re more likely to call you.

Vehicle Lettering by G-Force Signs and Graphics

Food Trucks

Food trucks might benefit the most from vehicle lettering considering that their business is done entirely from their vehicle. If you own or operate a food truck, you’re part of a growing culture. That means a growing market and growing profits. Sometimes you might be operating your food truck on a strip with thirty other trucks, though. That’s when your choice of signage matters most.

If you find your food truck serving an area with a lot of competition, you’ll need to be clear about what your truck specializes in. You’ll want to put some menu items that you’re proud of on display on your truck or even a full menu. When people see what those menu items are they might see just the thing that they’re looking for. If you couple that with a graphic to build brand recognition, every time that person wants the type of food that you specialize in, they’ll be heading to your truck on their lunch break.

To build your brand and exposure in the food industry, make sure your vehicles are doing their part with vehicle lettering by G-Force Signs & Graphics.

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