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Branding your company is more than simply adding your name to your building and placing a sign out front. These are important pieces for your brand identity, however branding your company is much bigger than this. Branding your company is about carrying your brand image and values throughout everything your company does.

Business branding and signage go hand in hand. Your company logo and colors can be used anywhere you use signage. For example: we created a signage package for the South Windsor, CT branch of Element, a materials testing company. Element reached out to us for help branding their location. Their sign project included a mix of interior and exterior signage needs including a post and panel sign, branded directional signage, dimensional letters for their building, frosted window graphics, interior dimensional letters for their conference rooms, branded room ID signs, posters, and banners.

To start the project Element provided us with their existing branding guidelines. This document included all of the information we needed to create the signs for their project, including fonts, Pantone PMS defined colors, and a vector copy of their logo. This was a great starting point for this project and allowed us to jump right into designing without having to request more information.

Branding Your Company with a Complete Sign Package

Exterior Signs

Dimensional letters To brand their building we decided on a set of dimensional letters. This sign included their circle “e” logo and “element” in the font that they had specified. These were fabricated out of aluminum and painted with the PMS colors that were defined in their branding guidelines. This sign was placed on the building for best visibility from the road and is the first that is seen while driving up to the facility.

Post and Panel sign To brand the entrance to the main parking lot Element decided on using a post and panel sign fabricated out of aluminum. The face of this sign was painted white and incorporated the Element logo as well as an area highlighting the street address. The panel was mounted to square aluminum posts that are painted a neutral gray. The overall width of this sign is approximately 6 feet wide, and with the proper placement this sign is visible from a distance while providing a clean look.

Directional signs – Some directional signs were needed for this location because there are multiple parking areas. Keeping consistency with the company brand and the design of the post and panel sign, the directional signs were fabricated using the same aluminum box thickness and post sizes. The design incorporated the company colors as well as the fonts that Elements commonly use for their interior signs.

Frosted Window Graphics The final piece to the exterior signage package was labeling the entrances. This was done using a frosted window film which gave a subtle high class look while still remaining visible from the parking areas.

Interior Signs

Branded Door Mats – At both the main entrance and the employee entrance you are greeted with door mats that showcase the Element logo.

Conference Room Windows – The foyer at the main entrance shares a wall with one of their conference rooms. They asked how we could cover the windows to add privacy to the conference room without completely blocking out the windows. We suggested using frosted window film with their logo reverse cut out of the film. This allowed for almost full coverage with the frosted film which checked off the privacy requirement, but also allows light to pass through and doesn’t remove the feel of having a window at that place.

Conference room logos – This facility has 2 conference rooms, and both are branded with dimensional letters. These letters were created using ½” laser cut acrylic that were painted their defined PMS colors. The size of the logos were set based on the available space on the room and the viewing distance.

Room ID Signs and Area signs – Element requested to label the different areas around their facility. The room ID signs were all created a uniform size and contained the appropriate imagery if any. Additionally there were some larger signs used to label the different branches of the facility.

Paper Posters – Element wanted to include framed posters that incorporated imagery and statements that emphasized their company values.

Training Center Project

After their initial signage package Element reached out to us a second time to create signs to brand their newly remodeled training center. This room included walls painted to match the company colors and was outfitted with a new touch screen smart board. Element asked us with help to create the following for their training center:

Paper Posters – To display the training requirements Element wanted to have a branded chart that shows the requirements for the various levels of certifications offered in their program.

Magnet receptive training progression boards – Operating hours are a big part of the training program at Element. They were looking for a way to visually track training progression of their employees so they could be easily referenced. We created a set of signs using a full color print laminated using dry erase over laminate mounted to magnetic receptive composite material. This allows them to list the trainees and use different colored magnets to mark their progression.

Desk Decals – The training center contains 4 desks that can each seat several people. The front of the desks was outfitted with full color prints of the Element logo.

Vinyl tagline – A tagline commonly used within the company was applied using white vinyl to the back wall in the training center.

Frosted Window Film – There are two entrances to the training center. The first is through the employee entrance. The door to the employee entrance contains a large glass window, and was covered using a similar design to the conference room windows at the main entrance.

Dimensional Letters The entrance to the training center within the facility was labeled using ½” laser cut acrylic dimensional letters painted the same blue that is used in the Element logo. The size of the letters were chosen to maximize the viewing distance within the facility.

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