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Have you heard about the public act 19-78 and the changes it has made to ADA sign requirements? Let’s find out.

In 1990, a civil rights law known as the American Disabilities Acts (ADA) was passed. The law discourages made against people who are by any means disabled. The act is similar to the American Civil Rights Act of 1964 which declared religious, racial and sexual discrimination as illegal. The ADA law applies to several areas including interior and exterior signage in various workplaces.

On January the 1st 2017, Connecticut adopted new legislation on accessibility known as the Public Act 19-78. According to this law, the internal symbol for accessibility for disabled individuals should be changed. It requires the symbol to show a disabled individual seated in a wheelchair while moving in a forward direction. This symbol is also known as the updated dynamic accessibility symbol.

The new sign of dynamic accessibility shall is to be installed on all buildings constructed or renovated on or after January 1st, 2017. Later on, the symbol was adopted by New York, and a campaign to introduce it in other states is underway.

New “Reserved Access” Symbol in Connecticut 

As discussed above, the new sign depicts a person in a wheelchair moving forward. The logo design is simple, with no other meaning, what so ever. The logo is identifiable and signifies accessibility, just as much as the current sign.

If you or your company is constructing or remodeling and you have a need for ADA signs you need to be aware that Connecticut has special requirements for these signs that have not yet become the standard nationwide. This means that finding the correct signs with the updated symbol can be hard to find especially considering ADA signs are already a specialty item.

In Connecticut, and other states that have also adopted the new symbol, it is important to find a company that can provide you with the correct signs.  Fortunately at G-Force Signs & Graphics we understand the signage needs in Connecticut and can provide you with the correct ADA signs for your new construction or remodel.

Finding the Right Signs for Your Project

As with all ADA signs you have the option between a basic finish or your company can choose to use custom finish that better matches their decor.  Whichever option you choose will still need to meet the ADA compliance standards regarding contrast, fonts, and braille text. You can however choose material finishes or art that is better suited for your location. At G-Force Signs & Graphics we offer ADA signs in both basic and custom options.  We can work with your company regarding which option you would like to use.

ADA Signs should not be an afterthought for your building project. These signs typically take some time to produce so it is good to plan your project in advance so that you can meet your deadlines without any stress. The process for custom ADA signs will extend this timeline. Additionally due to the low demand for the new symbol it can be hard to find and because there are so many options for ADA signs.

It’s good to know that at G-Force Signs & Graphics we have in stock of ADA signs with the new symbol, in case of emergency.

Sign Solutions to Fit Your Needs

G-FORCE Signs and Graphics in South Windsor, CT can assist with all of your sign and marketing needs. Get your business noticed with attention grabbing signs and thought-provoking graphics – Regardless of your location.

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